Announcing Season 2

Applications for our Spring program are now open #

By Shahed Khan

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Six months ago, I appeared on a podcast episode where Josh Buckley and Ashley Higgins interviewed me about Loom and how we leveraged Product Hunt — to grow in the company’s very early days.

Not long after that — we connected to chat about their vision with Hyper and how they want to amplify the next generation of founders with both Hyper and Product Hunt. Inspired by it all, I ended up joining them weeks later.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege to work with all of the amazing companies in our inaugural cohort (we call our cohorts, Seasons).

I am excited to tell you more about the inspiring teams behind these companies, as well as announce that applications for the Spring ‘22 Season are officially open.

Season 1 feels like a surreal moment in time. It kicked off with an in-person weekend event in San Francisco on September 17th.

Most in attendance hadn’t socialized with more than a handful of people for well over a year. The energy was electrifying. The weekend was filled with sessions and activities for founders to meet companies in the program that were going through similar things.

The program then shifted into its virtual and async format. We believe it’s crucial to offer founders the flexibility they need, to focus on what they should be spending most of their time doing — run their company and taking care of themselves and their loved ones.

By the numbers — 80% of companies from Season 1 are based in North America, 13% are in Asia, and 7% in Europe.

Of the 15 companies that participated 2 teams went from pre-idea and pre-team to building out teams of over 5 core hires and early prototypes; 7 of the teams transitioned from prototypes to product launches and getting early traction, and 6 of them started scaling their growth and teams significantly.

These teams are in the process of building solutions to a number of core problems, from climate change, to recruiting, biotech, and personal finance.

For instance, Actual and unspun are solving problems in climate change in fashionable different ways, Covey is revolutionizing how we can hire from our extended network, and Pogo is on a mission to save consumers an immense amount of money..

If you are currently looking to join an exciting startup, here are some of the open roles our companies are hiring for.

Separately, If you are a founder and are interested in participating in the program, you can apply to be part of our next Season.

The application is here: Applications close on February 11th at 11:59pm PT.

For additional information about the program check out: or tweet us at @hyper_.


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