Welcome Shahed Khan

Loom’s Shahed Khan joins Hyper as co-founder and General Partner #

By Dustin Curtis and Josh Buckley


As we prepare to enter Hyper’s Fall season, which starts on September 10th, we’re super excited to share some news: Shahed Khan has joined us as a co-founder and General Partner.

Shahed co-founded the future-of-work startup Loom in 2016, and helped grow it from a mere idea into a product that is relied on by more than 15 million people across 170 countries. He has definitely dented the universe.

His wide ranging experience building and growing Loom into a market-leading, unicorn-level company will be invaluable to Hyper founders, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. (I can also confirm that he’s a lot of fun to work with.)

We’ve known Shahed for years, but when we first starting talking to him about joining Hyper, it felt like everything seemed to just make sense. Loom launched on Product Hunt — Hyper’s sister company — and that’s where they found the vital first users needed to validate their idea and start iterating into a billion dollar company.

In some ways, Shahed joining Hyper is kind of a full circle for him, coming back to the ecosystem that helped launch his successful career at Loom — but with a new mandate, today, to help other founders do the same.

Josh, Shahed, and I are all operating at maximum capacity as we start the Hyper founder program and we’re looking forward to sharing more about the bigger picture of what’s to come.

We like to remind ourselves as we make announcements that the core of everything we do comes from the people we work for—the founders of the companies we fund. And so it feels fitting to sign off our first Hyper blog post with something we believe to our core:

Founders come first —


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