Announcing Season 3

Applications for our Summer program are now open #

By Shahed Khan

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Last week, we wrapped up Season 2 at Hyper. Four incredibly focused weeks of office hours in helping founders stage up across product, distribution, and talent.

It’s been inspiring to work with the team at Givebutter, who have helped over 35,000 changemakers raise upwards of $150 million annually to fund charitable causes.

We were also able to jump in to work with the founders of Coa as they work to bring a new, clinically-backed approach to addressing mental health without stigma to their growing user base of hyper-engaged consumers & employers like NBC and Qualtrics among others.

Similarly, it’s been energizing to collaborate with the founders at Arogga who are bringing safe and healthcare services to patients doorsteps in Bangladesh. During the program, they crossed over 100,000 prescriptions delivered.

We also got a front row seat to the possibilities in web3, from supporting the team at Rarify as they work to help web2 companies transition to web3, along with the founders of DEX Screener work tirelessly to ensure their over 2 million users can track and chart their favorite DEX in realtime.

Hyper has continued to back great founders across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

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If you are a founder and are interested in joining Hyper and connecting with the amazing caliber of talent in the Hyper Community, apply here to be part of our next Season. Applications close on June 8th, 2022 at 11:59pm PT.

And, if you aren’t a founder, but are excited about the possibilities in tech and looking to join an early-stage startup, check out these open roles at Hyper companies.

For additional information about Hyper and the program check out our recently refreshed website: or tweet us at @hyper_.


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